Revolution Home Builder

After nearly two full decades of building custom homes under the name Rockshire Homes we changed our name to match our process of being revolutionary as a custom builder to be Revolution Home Builder. A true Design Build Company, Revolution Home Builder works with you in designing your home, selecting & purchasing land, guiding you through financing, and the entire building process. Our building process includes you not only in design but regularly scheduled site visits that keeps you informed on the progress of the build.

The Process

First, if you’ve identified a lot to build on we conduct a free home site assessment. Our experienced team will inspect the land and conduct a site survey. Based on the results of the survey, the team will then establish a budget for those items that may be required to make the land suitable for building. Some of those items might be grading land, covenants & restrictions, cost analysis of comparable houses in the neighborhood, cost of well, septic system, road, etc.

You then work with our in-house designers to create the perfect home floor plan to fit your needs. We also have a design studio where we help you choose a window manufacture, cabinets, counter tops, flooring and more.

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Custom homes and services that go beyond  expectations. Your ideas and designs are for you. This gives you a more enjoyable…

You will work closely with our draftsman to design your perfect home. This can end up delaying the design or build process and can add undue costs to you. We do not take the “cookie cutter” approach therefore encourage you to work with our designers to modify existing plans. Your home should be unique and built specifically for you!

Land Selection
Revolution Home Builder will help you with a list of available lots or build on your own lot. We offer free analysis of the land you are looking to purchase by reviewing any development costs, contour of the elevations, covenants & restrictions, etc. This helps you be informed before purchasing the land.

We walk you through the construction financing of building a new home. We will work with your current bank or one of our recommended lenders to purchase the lot and set up the construction financing. As licensed real estate agents, we can also offer you a free no obligation, market analysis of your current home and walk you through the entire lending process.

Many custom builders pass you off to a job site supervisor and the builder is more hands off until the end of the project. Revolution Home Builder takes the approach of a better managed process meeting with you on a regular basis that keeps you informed on the current and future building steps and giving you adequate time to make selections in correct chronological order. We know meeting is the best way to keep you included in the building of your custom home.

Specifications & Bidding
The traditional builder tends to generalize this process to not let the customer be in control.  Revolution Home Builder wants you to be included in the beginning and throughout the building process. With nearly two decades of building, Revolution Home Builder understands this step of the build process allows us, the customer, suppliers, and subcontractors to all be on the same page before construction begins by building the project “on paper”  before construction ever begins. A win-win-win!

We believe being more detailed during this step of the process helps everyone involved on the same page.

The Build
As noted above, our construction process includes you on a regular bases so you are not wondering “what’s next”. We understand customers are very busy with family and work so we work with you to allow plenty of time in the selection process and give you more budget items than other builders to let you be in control of your money.  Revolution Home Builders believes in pre-scheduled site visits to allow you to better manage your time while staying involved.

We look forward to meeting you and to go over your custom home building desires.

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